Allen Synthesis EuroPi module, ported to the Tangible Waves AE Modular format


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Raspberry Pi

AEuroPi - a reprogrammable, Micropython based CV controller (and more!)

What is it?

This is an adaptation of the original EuroPi module developed by Allen Synthesis for Eurorack. AEuroPi has been redesigned from the ground up for the smaller, lower voltage AE Modular format. This project is NOT associated with Allen Synthesis, and some required changes have been made to the original firmware; however many thanks to Rory Allen for graciously encouraging the development and sale of this port. This is a pretty good substitute for the Ornament & Crime module which was quite recently converted for AE but has since been discontinued due to the infernal chip shortages!

New version October '23: several improvements for lower-noise operation, now includes LED indicators, all kits now include both panel variants. Currently available as kit-only, no Raspberry Pi included, please source your own. Tested with the standard Pico, but in theory the Pico W should work just fine also.


  • Digital input
  • Analogue input
  • 6 CV outputs
  • OLED display
  • Nice big buttons :)
  • New in latest version: Blinking lights!!
  • Menu system; store several scripts and switch between them without reprogramming the module
  • Comes with a range of scripts already installed, and the freedom to build your own
  • Example scripts: clock generators, multi-LFOs, sequential switch, Turing Machine, etc

Simple, ten-step build process, suitable for anyone with very basic soldering experience. This kit includes everything required EXCEPT the Raspberry Pi Pico.

Choice of panel designs! Bring a bit of variety to your AE modular system with a relatively unusual white frontpanel :) OR embrace the dark side with the Master of Reality-themed black panel. New in latest version: Both panels are included along with matching white or black button caps, mix and match to your satisfaction!

What's inside:

  • PCB with surface mount components already populated
  • 2x Frontpanel (black / white)
  • 6x LEDs
  • Headers for the Pico to sit in
  • Authentic Tangible Waves sockets
  • Bus cable connector
  • OLED & pins
  • 2x potentiometers
  • 2x push-buttons
  • 4x button caps (white / black)
  • Diode
  • NPN transistor
  • 2x capacitors
  • Standoffs and screws

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