Privacy Policy

You can read our privacy policy in detail below, but here are our main principles:

  • We collect data that is necessary for the provision of this service (email, password, full name, address, etc.)
  • We may process your IP address to detect your location for security, tax, and shipping purposes.
  • We don't share your personal data with third parties for advertising purposes.
  • We do not store or process any card information. Our partner Stripe performs payment processing.
  • Except for statistics, we only use cookies for purposes that are strictly necessary for the provision of the service offered by the platform.
  • We may send customers and sellers some marketing material related to their interests as derived from orders or page views. Users can opt-out of this at any time.

Data processor (hereafter Lectronz) is a service offered by OMZLO IKE, a company incorporated in the EU (Greece). All data processing activities conducted on this platform are regulated under the EU General Data Protection Regulation (2016/679), where OMZLO IKE acts as a controller.

Lectronz uses the following processors for the processing of personal data:

  • OVHCloud - Based in France, provides infrastructure as a service for the hosting of this website.
  • Stripe - Provides the payment services for purchases made on the marketplace.

Except for data processed by Stripe, all data processed on Lectronz is stored and processed in the EU.

The data processed by Stripe may be transferred to the US, as described in their privacy policy, using the Standard Contractual Clauses defined by the European Commission.

Lectronz does not share data with third-party analytics services and does not share or sell any personal data for marketing purposes.

For data protection inquiries, please contact

What personal data is processed

Lectronz processes the following categories of personal data:

  1. Name, address, and other contact details of buyers and sellers.
  2. User account information (username and password).
  3. Data related to product orders and purchase history,
  4. IP Addresses and other browsing data of website visitors,
  5. Email communications with Lectronz.

Lectronz does not collect or store credit card information: our payment provider, Stripe, handles all payment data.

The name, address, and other contact details of buyers and sellers are used for the following purposes:

  • Establishing invoices for orders,
  • Order shipment,
  • Determining applicable taxes based on the shipping address of the buyer.

The user account information is used:

  • For sellers to provide controlled access to their online store on Lectronz,
  • For buyers, to store contact details and access to order history.
  • To send notifications to sellers and buyers about ongoing orders,
  • To send out a newsletter and/or information on products that may interest users of the platform.

Our terms and conditions do not allow sellers to use any personal data they receive for purposes other than managing orders, fulfilment and providing support.

Sellers may share some of the personal data they receive with other entities for the purpose of fulfilment and delivery of orders, as long as these other entities do not use the provided personal data for other purposes. In such situations, the seller is considered as a data controller and the other entities are considered as data processors in the sense of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (2016/679).

Buyers are not required to create an account to buy products on Lectronz.

Data related to product orders are kept for 10 years in compliance with legal accounting requirements. Each order includes the identity and address of the seller and buyer, the ordered products, shipment and taxes, and date of purchase.

IP addresses are used to try to guess the location of the buyer to identify applicable taxes shipping rates for products where applicable. This processing is not guaranteed to be accurate. Users can change this location at any time in their cart.

The visitors' browsing data is used to measure page visits and interests in products. This notably enables us to tell sellers how many distinct visitors they had on their product pages through anonymous statistics.

Lectronz may also email or display promotional material to account holders based on their interests, as expressed through their previous orders, cart items, visited pages, wish-list, etc. Account-holders may accept or refuse this at any time through their account settings.

Browsing data may also be used to identify security and usability issues of the Lectronz platform.

Buyers and sellers can consult and modify most of this data through the website's user interface. However, data related to an order cannot be modified once the order has been paid for accounting purposes.

Security measures

Access to uses SSL/TLS for confidentiality and integrity.

A backup of all data is done daily.

The platform undergoes pen-testing and code review for security.

Data retention

When an account holder (buyer or seller) requests its account to be closed, all account data is immediately deleted on the online server. It may take up to a week to be deleted from backups.

The only exception to this rule is data related to orders, kept for 10 years for legal reasons.

Note that when a seller closes an account, product pages created by the seller are kept indefinitely online for reference purposes, along with the identity of the store that created the product. Should any of these pages accidentally contain personal data that the seller wishes to remove, please contact


The cookies used on this website fall into two categories:

  1. Essential cookies that are strictly necessary to provide the service required by this platform. This includes user account management, cart management, and location settings for tax purposes.
  2. Statistics cookies used to measure page visits and create anonymous statistics. This notably enables us to tell sellers how many distinct visitors they had on their product pages.

You have the right to accept or refuse statistics cookies and change your mind at any time.

Following common practice, we store your choice of accepting or refusing statistics in a cookie for a year so that we don't need to ask you again each time you visit this website.

Facebook and Twitter

Lectronz uses automated tools to post announcements about products on our Twitter feed and Facebook pages. These tools do not collect any personal data.