A blackberry 9900 keyboard with trackpad in USB-C format with case. Pack a full functional keyboard into your pocket!

Blackberry BB9900 USB Keyboard with trackpad

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3D printing

A tiny USB keyboard using blackberry 9900 keyboard with a 3D-printed case and running qmk firmware.

What is this?

I myself am a fan of blackberry and like those tiny but fuctional things. So I built this tiny USB keyboard with the original bb9900 keyboard. This unique keyboard with trackpad is powered by the Raspberry Pi RP2040 MCU and operates under QMK Firmware, seamlessly transforming into a USB HID Keyboard and Mouse combo.

As this keyboard boasts a limited number of keys, we understand that personal preferences for keycodes and layout may vary. Thanks to the flexibility of QMK firmware, you can effortlessly customize and define your keycodes and layout using the VIA on web.

This keyboard can work as a keyboard and mouse combo when connected to a computer (Windows/Linux/MacOS), a phone (android/ihone) or even a SBC (Raspberry Pi, etc).

If you like the styple of BBQ20, you can check this out: BBQ20 USB keyboard

What you get

  • The bb9900 board+keyboard assembled with a 3D printed case in a plastic box
  • A convenient screwdriver for easy disassembly of the printed case.

If you have any questions, you are welcome to join the Discord community

Video of using this keyboard:youtube_video

Links to code and documentation

Documentation (github.com)

Code (github.com)

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