3 in1 Bluetooth/sound card/ SD player stereo Mini Estim

BlueStim - Stereo Estim box in a Pocket size

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ADULT ONLY Provided that you are at least 18 years old, long-time ESTIM practitioner

This production is made for electro-stimulation based on specific sound track


This product has been developped for DIY E-Stim only and ESTIM practitioner

no waranties about any expected results are provided,

We do our best to provide a safe design but we cannot be responsible about anything happen


Description :

It is an autonomous 3 in 1 pocket stereobox with its own amplifier: Bluetooth, USB/SD card reader, sound card Play a sound track and enjoy stimulation.


  • Dimensions of the box (to be printed) approximately 53x105x42 mm
  • USB power/charging
  • incorporates a 1A USB battery charger (Full recharge in 2 hour with 1 batterie installed) just connect USB adapter (not provided)
  • a 2,000 mAh lithium battery
  • You can connect a second battery inside to double autonomy or use USB external battery pack
  • Integrates a Bluetooth module
  • integrates a USB_A port to put a USB key with your favorite music tracks
  • Incorporates an SD card connector for your favorite music tracks
  • Incorporates an “audio card” port on USB to play your music tracks from the computer
  • Come with an infrared remote control
  • 6 buttons to direct control sound and files without the remote control
  • outputs on 2 mono 2.5 jacks therefore stereo


Two adjustable resistor limit (restrict) the level sended to amplifier - change setup at your own risk -

With this restriction set to 50% and a load of 500 Ohm (equivalent to a wet body) and the volume at full volume

  • The frequency range extends from 300Hz to 20Kz
  • we measure max 40 mA at the electrode level
  • The Pic to Pic voltage on the oscilloscope is 64Volts and an average value of 29.6 volts

Estimated operating time : around 4 hours theoretically on a 2000 mA pack and more probably 3 hours in a real situation depending on real usage. Once again, you can mount two batteries in the case and/or use an external pack to increase the operating time (if necessary)

For security the Max current is limited to 50 mA each channel by resetable PTC fuses

The board is finished, nothing needs to be soldered!


As you can see in the photo there are connectors (pin) with standard pitch 2.54 to be able to directly connect your probe cables if you do not want to use the 2.5 jacks If you prefer you can use these pins with a switch then you can make a three-phase mode

Between the Bluetooth block and the transformers there are also pins (red and green jumper on the picture) either to directly control each transformer or to add a 2x3 way switch and make a left/right inverter

Enclosure can be provided (option) Sterolitographic 3D printed else we also provide free STL files you can print by yourself here : here

Links to code and documentation

Design Files (thingiverse.com)

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