Easily drive your nixies from low-voltage power source!


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What is it?

This is a stackable Arduino-compatible module that let's you easily control nixie tubes using only 3 data pins(4 with dimming) + power pins(3.3V/5V).

More information can be found on this Kickstarter page and in Hackaday project.

Why did you make it?

It was made to make the process of driving nixie tubes easier.

What makes it special?

  • Low-voltage powering - the module can be powered with as low as 3.3V, the board does all the 200V step up heavy lifting itself.
  • Stackability - connect any number of displays with only 3 data pins in total(+1 if you need dimming)!
  • Arduino support and user friendliness - Arduino library to easily interface with modules is available

What can I build with it?

Nixie clocks, watches, radios, Geiger counters... Whatever comes to you mind! For inspiration refer to the previously mentioned Kickstarter page and check out this video.

Is it safe?

if use the module be sure to follow all the safety guidelines mentioned in the safety section of this page.

Do not give this module to kids or people who have heart related issues! Use it only if you know what you are doing!

Links to code and documentation

Documentation (hackaday.io)

Code (kickstarter.com)

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