This is a DIY RS485 to wifi adaptor which allows you to connect to your EPEver controller over wifi.

Epever RS485 to wifi adaptor

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I have taken the previous design utilising an RJ45 socket and expanded it so that it is now surface mount only and utilises the popular wemos D1 mini which allows easier flashing and connectivity as it has a usb port built in. I will not be including a network cable as that is better sourced locally.

The next major change is that another device is no longer required if all you wish to do is check how your solar is doing, check your historical statistics or even switch the load on and off. This fits nicely if you have a solar setup where you would not want to be running a raspberry pi or similar just to connect to the charge controller. If you do have a more advanced setup however you can configure the device via the web interface to post the data direct to an MQTT or influxdb database. With this change however you can no longer use socat or similar to connect to the device and it has to either be viewed via the web interface or data pushed directly to MQTT or influxDB. If there is demand i can create another product which would support passthrough.

Many EPEver solar charge controllers have an RS485 communication port on them so you can connect a PC or Android device and read it’s statistics or update the settings.

Compiled code is available here: - Link

If you wish to print the case yourself the files are available at Link 

Available as assembled only currently due to SMD design

What's included?

  • 1x Assembled EPEVER RS485 to ESP8266 board
  • 1x Wemos D1 mini (Optional)
  • 1x 3D printed enclosure (Optional)

The boards have been tested on the landstar and tracer controllers, I have not been able to test it with the new common negative tracer model.

It has been confirmed tested and working on the following boards

  • LS1024B
  • Tracer 3210A
  • MPPT Tracer1210
  • Tracer AN
  • TRIRON Series with RS485 module

Why did you make it?

With the previous product it was a passthrough and as such required a raspberry pi or PC running permenantly to connect via socat or similar to pull the data. This new system allows the data to be viewed via the web interface without the need for a pi or PC but it can also push the data to MQTT or influxDB. This means if your PC or Pi reboots or is offline for any time the device will push the data as soon as it's back up without the need to restart services/reconfigure.

Links to code and documentation

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Code (

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