This is an upgraded version of Esp32-Stick open-source development board with Ethernet, Camera and active PoE support.


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What is it?

This is an upgraded version of Esp32-Stick development board with Ethernet and active PoE support. The board supports camera and uses Esp32-S3 chip.

Why did you make it?

It was made because the original Esp32-Stick boards lacked the camera support. Moreover it was impossible to handle both the camera and the Ethernet using classic vanilla Esp32 since both peripherals require a lot of pins. So we decided to build the upgraded board around Esp32-S3, which has much more pins and W5500 SPI ethernet module.

What makes it special?

Pin-to-pin compatibility with other Esp32-Stick-Cam boards, Camera, Machine Learning examples and active PoE support!

  • Ov2640 and Ov5640 Camera support.
  • 36 Gpios(17 are not used by Ethernet or the camera)
  • USB Type-C
  • Esp32-Stick-Poe-A-Cam has 5V output, so you can power additional peripherals.
  • Esp32-Stick-Cam boards are fully programmable in Arduino and are supported in ESPHome home automation environment.
  • No external USB-UART converter is required, ready for plug-and-play programming!
  • All the Esp32-Stick-Cam boards have the same length and width so they can easily be replaced with one another.
  • Any code written for one board is compatible with another because they share the same CPU and pinout.


  • ESP32-S3-WROOM-1 (N16R8) with 16MB Flash, 8MB ram.
  • USB-C connector.
  • Female headers soldered
  • 36 Gpios(17 are not used by Ethernet or the camera).
  • W5500 chip for the Ethernet.
  • Si3404-A(PoE-A)
  • CH340G USB-UART converter.
  • USER-Led(GPIO2).
  • Reset button and User button(GPIO0).
  • Accepts power through: USB, External source (3.3V-5V),Active POE
  • the 3.3V branch(Ams1117) can provide 700mA of current, the 5V branch(Si3404-A) also provides 700mA.



The schematics is available from Hackaday project page

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