The PRO ESP32S2 development board in the Feather format!


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Introducing the FeatherS2 - The PRO ESP32-S2 based development board in a Feather format!

The FeatherS2 is a power house!

16 MB of Flash means you'll never run out of space for code or storage. 8 MB of SPI based external RAM - Insane!

2x 3.3V Regulators? Really?

Yup! The first one is for the general operation of the board and the ESP32-S2, RAM and Flash.

The second LDO is for you to use to connect external 3V3 modules, sensors and peripherals, and it has programmable EN control tied to GPIO21 + it’s connected to the deep sleep capabilities of the S2, so if the S2 goes into deep sleep, the 2nd LDO is automatically shut down for you!

Both regulators are ultra low noise and have ultra low quiescent current, and both support a maximum of 700mA output.

The FeatherS2 uses the ESP32-S2 microcontroller from Espressif. It's one of their new generation of Sx MCUs that has the newer Xtensa LX7 core running at 240MHz, a RISC-V ultra low power co-processor, WiFi and built in USB. It's pretty slick!

The FeatherS2 ships with the latest version of CircuitPython that supports the ESP32-S2. Just plug your FeatherS2 into your computer and it will appear in your filesystem as a USB flash drive! Just copy your code over, or edit your code directly on the drive. Coding a microcontroller has never been easier!

As newer versions of CircuitPython are released, you are able to update as you require from

There is also Micropython support and ESP-IDF and Arduino if you prefer coding in C++.

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