Fibonacci64 Micro HDR is a tiny, beautiful 40mm circular disc with 64 HDR SK9822-2020 RGB LEDs surface mounted in a Fibonacci distribution.

Fibonacci64 Micro HDR - 40mm disc with 64 RGB LEDs

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Normally includes only the PCB with LEDs mounted. "Diffuser Only" includes only the black LED acrylic front. "Case Kit" includes the diffuser, black M2 hardware, & acrylic back. "Fully Assembled" includes the diffuser, case, and controller.
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Fibonacci64 Micro HDR is a tiny, beautiful 40mm circular disc with 64 HDR SK9822-2020 2mm addressable RGB LEDs surface mounted in a Fibonacci layout.

It differs from the Fibonacci64 Micro which uses WS2812C-2020 LEDs. Its HDR SK9822-2020 are capable of being driven much faster for higher frame-rates, and with better color depth, especially at lower brightnesses. This makes it perfect for wearables that are powered with lithium batteries.

It is similar to the LED PCB used in Lux Lavalier, but listed separately here for use in other projects. It has four mounting hole touch pads for use with the SAMD21 QT Py by Adafruit.

I have created several LED art pieces in Fibonacci patterns. They are all very labor intensive to create, and so are fairly expensive and limited in quantity. I wanted to come up with a Fibonacci layout that was at least slightly easier to create, and therefore more affordable.

I have RGB LEDs in just about every form they come: strips, strings, rings, discs, etc. The LEDs on most discs are arranged in very regular rings. Fibonacci64 is different. The LEDs are arranged in a Fibonacci distribution. The makes the layout very organic and seemingly messy. But with the proper animation, spiral patterns emerge with spectacular results.

The SK9822-2020 each only consume a maximum of 20mA, and that's at 100% brightness, solid white color. That's only 1,280 mA for all 64 combined. They are still very bright, and I usually only run them at about 25% brightness. They're perfect for wearables, powered with lithium batteries.

It has solder pads on the back that match the pinout of the QT Py by Adafruit, or XIAO by Seeed.

It also has solder pads on the back that match the pinout of the amazing Pixelblaze V3 Pico by ElectroMage. But note that the touch pads are not supported by Pixelblaze.

It can be used by any microcontroller via the 5V, GND, and Data In pins. It also has a Data Out pad, for connecting more LEDs on the same data pin.

The four mounting holes are surrounded by capacitive touch compatible pads. They're connected to the A0-A3 pads/pins on the QT Py footprint. The SAMD21 QT Py supports capacitive touch on these pins.

Case Options

The open case is built with 3mm black LED acrylic diffuser and back plates, black nylon M2 standoffs, and M2 screws. Available as kit or fully-assembled.


  • Size: 1.57 x 1.57 x .063 inch (40 x 40 x 1.6 mm)
  • 2 layer printed circuit board
  • FR4 substrate
  • Black SMOBC (solder mask over bare copper)
  • HASL (Hot Air Solder Leveling)
  • Designed in the US by Evil Genius Labs


Options available to purchase for additional amount:

  • Diffuser: 3mm black LED acrylic 42mm circle.
  • Open Case Kit: diffuser, back plate with wall mounting hole, M2 black nylon standoffs, M2 black metal screws.
  • Fully Assembled: diffuser, open case, and assembled QT Py by Adafruit controller.

The "Fully Assembled" option requires, but does not include, a USB-C cable and power source (USB port, AC power adapter, battery pack, etc).

If the "Fully Assembled" option is not chosen, these parts are not included, but are required to assemble and use:

  • Microcontroller (Arduino, ESP8266, ESP32, etc)
  • Wires, connectors, crimp tool, etc.
  • Soldering iron, solder, etc.

Parts I used in my builds:

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Product HS Code: 940561

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