This new battery shield is the perfect add-on for your long running (battery powered) projects monitoring an external switch.

MicroWakeupper Wemos D1 Battery Shield (Deepsleep)

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What is it?

You need the MicroWakeupper Battery Shield if you want to wakeup or power on your ESP/Wemos due to an external event (e.g. a switch, button or PIR-sensor). As soon as there is an external event the MicroWakeupper wakes up your ESP/Wemos from deep sleep or just turns it on. Pin A0 is connected - can be disconnected - to V-Batt for measuring the current battery voltage.

The MicroWakeupper (see XH-Header) can be powered by a 2.5V - 6V battery source, e.g. 4xAA eneloop or a 3.7V LiPo . The internal LDO (AP2112K) will take care about the internal 3.3V voltage regulation - required by the Wemos D1 Mini.

Why did I make it?

The MicroWakeupper will run your projects on battery for years. Your ESP/Wemos will only wakeup or turn on (and consume current) if the connected switch, button or PIR sensor was toggled/triggered. During the rest of the time the ESP is in deep sleep mode or (optionally - J1 cut for completely off).

What's about the current consumption?

  • Default, uncutted Jumper J1 (Wemos in DeepSleep): ~254uA (0,254mA)
  • Cutted Jumper J1 (Wemos turned off - no DeepSleep): ~55uA (0,055mA)
  • If you don't need VBatt measurement (J2 cutted) you can reduce the current: -7uA (-0,007mA)

(Measurement done at VBatt 3,7V) Feel free to desolder the on board LED ;-)

What makes it special?

The MicroWakeupper is the plug and play solution if you want to add a button, switch or PIR sensor to your project. The board supports two switching modes for normally open or normally closed behaviour. It also takes care about retriggering and button debouncing.

More information (download: microWakeupper-Arduino Library):

The MicroWakeupper board comes by default fully assembled (without headers and Wemos D1 Mini).

Looking forward to get feedback about your awesome MicroWakeupper projects, e.g. a Gasmeter

Happy making!

Tobias (@tstoegi) P.S.: The above images may vary from the shipped product.

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