An update to the original mm33 3x3 matrix mixer for AE Modular

mm33+ Matrix Mixer [AE Modular module]

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The original mm33 3x3 matrix mixer was the very first 3rd-party module for the Tangible Waves AE Modular synthesiser system, so an update is just about due! The main differences from the original mm33 are as follows:

  • The module now uses surface mount components, so it's a little bit neater;
  • Each output channel now has a switch to select whether the output is targetted for CV or audio (CV signals are relative to 0v, whilst audio signals are centred around 2.5v).
  • Gain for each channel has been increased to improve the behaviour when using the mm33+ within feedback patches — this is especially useful when switched to the audio output mode. Because of the new CV/Audio switches, there are no longer any AC coupled inputs, but we're confident that they won't be missed.

General comments:

  • High quality Bourns pots (incompatible with the new AE Modular knobs unfortunately— please contact us if this is important to you and we will investigate alternatives);
  • Positive-acting ALPS switches (white levers so that they show up on the black panel!).

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