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This is a solar charging power supply for 5V applications

MPPT UPS/PSU 5V2A output

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Power management

This UPS/PSU is designed to work together with a 12V10W solar panel wich charges 1-3x 18650 cells in parallel with up to 1.5A. At the same time, when there is solar power available and the battery is charged, solar power is used to supply the connected load saving battery runtime for when there is no sun available. The output stage can support 5V2A load continuously and can reach 5V3A peaks or or for short periods with increased ripple and small voltage drop. The screw terminals allow connections to the charger status LED, measuring the battery, measuring solar panel voltage (through a voltage divider), a Power Good (PG) signal is available as well as connection to add more batteries. This is a robust PSU for any 5V logic project with up to 2A current requirement ...

Idle power consumption aprox 250μΑ


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