OG550 filter Longpass Dichroic Mirror Beamsplitter for diy Raman spectrometer

OG550 filter Longpass Dichroic Mirror Beamsplitter

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Schott OG 550 cut off longpass filter 532nm / Longpass Dichroic Mirror Beamsplitter

UV and green ( 532nm ) cut off / long pass filter

dichroic 550nm (on both sides)

High-pass reflective coating to suppress ghosting autofluorescent emissions from filter glass.

fluorescence spectroscopy / microscopy ( high pass )

Diameter = 46.95mm Thickness = 2.09mm

Tested with white LED, spectra as seen on screenshots, from this actual filter.

tags: Colored Glass Longpass Filter, OG555 , OG-555 , OG550 , OG-550 , long-wave pass edge filter , ocean optics OF2-OG550 , diy Raman spectrometer , 532nm filter

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