Pick'n'mix printed circuit boards designed for RCBus and RC2014

Pick'n'Mix Boards for RCBus/RC2014

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I hold sufficient stock of most boards to cover all likely orders. Stock levels are only shown where there is very limited stock available.

There are more colours (black, white, red) available for most PCBs in the individual kit listings.

  • SC102 - Z80 CTC 4 channel counter timer module
  • SC103 - Z80 PIO parallel I/O interface module
  • SC104 - Z80 SIO/2 dual channel serial module
  • SC105 - Modular backplane 6-slot
  • SC106 - Modular backplane 6-slot
  • SC107 - Modular backplane 6-slot
  • SC108 - Z80 Processor module (CPU, RAM & ROM)
  • SC109 - Modular backplane RC2014 + Z50 Bus
  • SC110 - Serial & Timer module (SIO/2 & CTC)
  • SC111 - Z180 CPU module
  • SC112 - Modular backplane 6-slot
  • SC113 - Modular backplane 6-slot
  • SC114 - Z80 Motherboard
  • SC115 - Prototyping breakout module
  • SC116 - Backplane 3-blot
  • SC119 - Z180 memory module
  • SC126 - Z180 motherboard
  • SC129 - Digital I/O module
  • SC130 - Z180 motherboard
  • SC131 - Z180 pocket-sized RomWBW CP/M computer
  • SC132 - Z80 SIO/0 dual-channel serial module
  • SC133 - Modular backplane
  • SC134 - LED output module (low profile)
  • SC135 - Digital output module (low profile)
  • SC136 - Digital input module (low profile)
  • SC137 - I2C bus master module (low profile)
  • SC138 - I2C memory card
  • SC139 - Serial 68B50 module (low profile)
  • SC141 - Modular backplane
  • SC142 - Power supply module (low profile)
  • SC143 - ROM module (low profile)
  • SC145 - Compact Flash interface module (low profile)
  • SC146 - Pin puller tool
  • SC147 - Modular backplane
  • SC148 - Power supply module (low profile)
  • SC149 - Z80 CPU and clock module (low profile)
  • SC150 - 128k Paged RAM module (low profile)
  • SC151 - 128k Paged ROM module (low profile)
  • SC152 - Paged memory module 128+128k
  • SC153 - Z80 CPU module


Each printed circuit board has a user guide, component sourcing, and assembly instructions. This can be found in the documentation link below. PCB design files can be found at EasyEDA.com, where you can download Gerber files and order boards.


  • These products are supplied as PCBs only.
  • It is your responsibility to pay any import duty or taxes charged by your home country.
  • My products are made in accordance with the "designed for RC2014" labelling scheme.
  • RC2014 is a trademark of RFC2795 Ltd.
  • This product is designed for hobby use and is not suitable for industrial, commercial or safety-critical applications.

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