A N64 development cartridge powered by the Raspberry Pi Pico

PicoCart64 Lite

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Raspberry Pi

A Raspberry Pi Pico-powered homebrew development N64 cartridge!

The software is still in active development. It can boot and run homebrew software with some limitations. Features such as support for >16MB ROMs, EEPROM emulation, and others are not available. You can find the source code on Konrad's Github.

While every effort is made to ensure the PicoCart64 operates safely, all electronics of this nature carry a degree of risk. It is important to note that the seller cannot be held liable for any unforeseen damage to your console. Use of this board signifies acceptance of this risk.

This listing was created to lower the bar for homebrew development, give access to curious enthusiasts, and to enable the community to get involved.

This listing is approved by Konrad Beckmann, the creator of the PicoCart64.


It is recommended to use an official Raspberry Pi Pico board. While pin-compatible boards might work, their flash chips may not meet the speed requirements for reliable operation with the PicoCart64.

The PicoCart64 functions with USB power once the Raspberry Pi Pico is soldered in place. If you prefer to power the device directly from the console, additional soldering of the included MOSFET and resistor is necessary.

What you get

  • The PicoCart64 Lite v1.4 bare PCB
  • A 0603 10k resistor

Raspberry Pi Pico is not included. Some soldering required.


PicoCart64 is sold under the assumption that it will be used in accordance with copyright law. The seller bears no liability for copyright infringements arising from improper use by the buyer. It is the buyer's responsibility to ensure compliance with all legal stipulations regarding copyrighted content.

In a console

Links to code and documentation

Code (github.com)

Design Files (github.com)

Schematics (raw.githubusercontent.com)

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