AMS reader for Kamstrup smart power meter.

Pow-K+, HAN port reader for Kamstrup meters



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You do not need 3D printed holder if you have a Kamstrup HAN module, or can print the holder yourself (STL file available). The Pow-K card can replace the original card in HAN-modules.
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Home automation
Power management

Delivered assembled, tested and programmed with latest versjon firmware AmsToMqttBridge.

Based on ESP32 wifi-module.

After first configuration which connects the unit to your local wifi, the web user interface can be opened on your internal network from a connected PC, tablet or phone. There is no cloud service, no data is sent outside your home network.

Connects to your smarthome system via MQTT. Setup for direct integration with Home Assistant is included in the firmware, see

Day-ahead system prices for your area in European country can be fetched from Prices are displayed graphically on the main screen, and delivered to MQTT broker. You need to register (free of charge) with Entso-E to obtain API key.

Video showing how to install and configure the Pow-K:

If you have a Kamstrup HAN-module, you can open it and replace the card with a Pow-K+, see instructions here. Or you can 3D-print a holder; STL file is available for download under the "Vedlegg" tab on this page.

Important notice to Danish customers 10th Sep -22: We get reports that the grid company Dinel ( have power meters that are not set up to send PUSH data. Please consult the latest updates in this Github thread before placing order.

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