AMS reader for power meters with P1-port

Pow-P1, reader for power meter with P1-port

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If you have access to a 3D-printer you can print the enclosure yourself.
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Pow-P1 is currently verified to work on Aidon, Sagemcom, Sanxing, Kamstrup Omnia E-meter and Landis&Gyr E360.

Used on smart meters with P1-port. No need for battery or external power.

Important: The term "P1" is in some Mid-European countries used on meters with M-bus interface (for which the Pow-U is the right product). Is this the right product for you? Please consult:


  • Embedded ESP32 microcontroller, enabling all firmware features
  • Embedded RJ-12 connector, you are free to use your own cable length
  • Open-source firmware
  • Buy with 3D printed enclosure, or order free STL files for self-print
  • Delivered with short RJ12 cable

Delivered assembled, tested and programmed with latest stable firmware version (AmsToMqttBridge).

Connects to your home wifi throug a powerful embedded ESP32-S2 module, that will:

  • Generate a local web page you can access from any PC, pad or mobile connected to your home wifi.
  • No cloud service is used, no data leaves your wifi network unless you explicitly configures Pow-P1 to send to external MQTT broker. You are in full control!
  • Can download day-ahead prices from Entso-E and display prices graphically

Specific regarding Kamstrup Omnia E-meter

According to the documentation, there are two versions of this meter. The "DSMR P1 Lite" model does not deliver power on the RJ12 contact. We do not know whether and where the "DSMR P1 Lite" model is actually installed. Please check your meter before placing order, you can identify your model from the meter type model:

  • 684-2-xxP-xxx1xxxx-xxxxxxx OMNIA® e-meter three-phase (DSMR P1 Lite)
  • 684-2-xxP-xxx2xxxx-xxxxxxx OMNIA® e-meter three-phase (DSMR P1)

If you have a model "DSMR P1 Lite", the Pow-P1 will need to be permanently powered via its USB-C contact, and will need to get a strap installed before we ship. Pleas indicate in order comment if you have an Omnia E-meter model "DSMR P1 Lite"

The enclosure is designed by customer Øyvind Kaurstad, you can find more of his 3D-designs here:

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Product HS Code: 85437000

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