A new version of the popular ‘random bit-shift sequencer’

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A new version of our most popular module!

For those that were not aware of it, the random bit-shift sequencer (rbss) — is a re-imagining of the well-established Turing Machine from Eurorack. It's a semi-predictable source of randomness in a single-width AEModular module.

The three controls: rate, length and chance are now all voltage-controllable.

Main changes from the original rbss are:

  • CV controllable clock rate;
  • No 'audio' output (the same effect can be had by passing the CV output through a high-pass filter)
  • 8 'bit' outputs, exposing the individual bits which go to make the CV, allowing for repetetive, random, related triggers — really good fun with the wonkystuff µDrum modules such as the bd55, rs55, hh110, etc.

The rbss/2 has the following parameters, all of which now respond to both front panel and CV:

  • Shift-register length, 1-16 steps:
    • determines how many bits are considered when shifting;
  • Chance control:
    • determines whether the incoming bit will flip — from 0 (never flips) to 1 (always flips);
  • Clock rate — variable by front-panel control and control voltage;
    • at higher frequencies rbss can be used as a weird random wavetable source;

For this revised version, the 8 bits which make up the CV are also exposed, allowing for some extra triggering possibilities!

The description of the original rbss still applies, so if you're unsure what the module does, that might help…

Links to code and documentation

Documentation (wonkystuff.net)

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