Reflow Master Pro is a toaster oven Reflow Controller with a color interface and graphical display of the reflow process.

Reflow Master Pro

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Reflow Master Pro is the evolution of the original Reflow Master - with awesome new features, and improved usability

Reflow Master Pro has killer features and an easy-to-use interface with beautiful reflow graphs. It comes with five built-in solder paste profiles, and a built-in webserver for adding, editing, and removing profiles, with a graphical view of how the profile will look.

Reflow Master Pro is designed to work with any toaster oven - no algorithm tuning required! That said, if you really want to tweak, you can switch from the classic Reflow Master algorithm to PID control and tune your settings to exactly how you like.

Key Features

  • Dual Thermocouples
  • Dual Auxiliary outputs for controlling fans or other devices
  • Reflow Mode
  • Bake Mode
  • Profile management via built in webserver
  • Extensive settings and control
  • Easy firmware updates
  • E-Kill switch support

Reflow & Bake Profile Management

Reflow Master Pro is WiFi enabled, and once WiFi is setup, you will have access to a browser interface to add, edit and remove reflow paste profiles and bake profiles via the built in web server!

We’ll be adding more functionality to the web interface in future updates!

Firmware Updates

Reflow Master Pro firmware updates are performed via the web flashing tool, available here. This means that there is no need to compile any code, install a development environment, or install any other tools. Just put your RMP into “flash firmware” mode via the settings menu, plug it into your computer via the USB-C port and click “update firmware” on the webpage and you are done!

We will be releasing new firmware from time to time as we add new features and flesh out other features, and of course, fix any bugs found!

What do I get with my Reflow Master Pro?

  • A fully assembled and tested Reflow Master Pro
  • 2.4" Colour TFT screen
  • 2x K-Type thermocouples

Optional items include:

  • 3D printed case (pictured above)
  • RM Fan Controller modules for connecting up to 24V fans or other auxiliary devices to the auxiliary ports on the RMP

What else do I need to use the Reflow Master Pro?

You will need to provide the following items to connect to your oven and Reflow Master:

  • Solid State Relay (SSR) ( 3V+ DC <-> 100/240V AC )
  • USB-C cable and power source (5V DC)

Why don't I provide the Solid State Relay?

That's a valid question... Every toaster oven is different and mains power is obviously not universal and is dangerous to play with. I don't feel comfortable supplying a generic "Chinese unbranded SSR" that might be unreliable or inadequate for your specific use case. I could supply something I am prepared to endorse & support, but it would be considerably cheaper for you to source one yourself - rather than me buy one and reship it to you.

This is the SSR that I use ( 15A Model ):

Are the provided Thermocouples good enough?

Yes, the K-Type thermocouples I supply are good enough for most environments and use cases, but if you are using your Reflow Master Pro in an area that suffers from high frequency noise from power or mobile antennas etc, you may get some extra noise in your temperature readings.

If that is the case, you might want to invest in a better thermocouple, something that is really well shielded in metal or fibreglass, like one of these...

Also, if you plan on reflowing high temperature pastes 190deg+, I'd definitely recommend a glass shielded thermocouple to ensure the probe shield can withstand the 200deg+ temperatures required for reflow.

What toaster oven do I need?

From my own experience and from working with other makers that use both toaster ovens and my Reflow Master, there are 2 key requirements for a toaster oven to be usable as a reflow oven: It needs to be small and powerful - so ideally you want an oven that is 18 Litres or lower in capacity, with 1300W or higher in power.

If your oven is too big or under powered, or both, then your oven will not be able to get to the initial profile temperature in time to allow for an adequate pre-soak time. You MIGHT still get a successful reflow, but it will likely be out of the guidelines from your solder paste manufacturer - so you'll need to check your specifications for your paste to assess the repercussions.

The smaller the oven, the faster it will heat, just like the higher the power, the faster it will heat. Having a smaller and more powerful oven is the safest bet.

What about hot plates?

Sure, you can control a hotplate as well if you prefer to reflow your boards that way. Your hotplate will likely be grounded, especially it’s a commercial unit, or one that is powered via AC, so you wont be able to connect a thermocouple directly to it, or it will cause an error when trying to read the temperature. To solve this, you can use some thermal tape to stick the TC to the plate, that will allow heat transfer for the temperature reading, without any electrical connectivity.

What are RM Fan Controllers?

RM Fan Controllers are basically opt-o-isolated MOSFET switches that you can connect to the AUX outputs of your RMP to drive up to 24V/1A loads like fans or in the future, stuff like linear actuators.

RM Fan Controllers ship with the surface mount parts full assembled, and the through-hole parts separate, so some soldering is required to use them, but I know you all love to solder, so it's a perfect mix!

Can I just use some cheap $2 MOSFET switches from Ali? Sure, if you want to take the risk, but I can't, in good conscience, ship something like those with my products and be able to trust and support them if they fail. So I designed and make my own, that have had extensive testing, that are built with reliable components and that I trust and can support.

What's controlling the Reflow Master Pro?

The heart of the Reflow Master Pro is an ESP32-S2FN4R2 micro-controller running our own custom codebase. The Reflow Master Pro is powered by a 5V USB-C port, or alternately you can connect a 5V DC jack to the barrel connector provided.

Hardware specs

  • Custom PCB design
  • ESP32-S2FN4R2 micro-controller
  • USB-C connector (Power/flashing)
  • 5V DC barrel jack (Alternative power option)
  • 2.4" Colour TFT display
  • 2x MAX31855 K-Type sensor ICs
  • 4 button navigation control
  • Power button (hold pressed for power on and off)
  • Magnetic buzzer
  • E-KILL terminals to connect an emergency kill button if required
  • Support for up to 2x 5V auxiliary devices like fans, or to connect external relays or FET switches like our RM Fan Controllers for connecting up to 24V fans or other devices.

5.08mm Screw terminal connections for:

  • 2x K-Type thermocouples
  • SSR
  • 2x Auxiliary ports
  • E-Kill switch
  • 5V power output

Addition header on the PCB for future expansion or modding include

  • STEMMA/QT I2C connector

Find out more about what I do

Check out my youtube channel to see the history of the Reflow Master as well as lots of other videos about the projects I work on!

Unexpected Maker YouTube

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Unexpected Maker Website

Links to code and documentation

Documentation (

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