Power supply converter for SGI Fuel machine, lets you use standard PC ATX PSU instead.

SGI Fuel ATX Power Supply converter - NEW VERSION!

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Power Supply converter/adaptor for Silicon Graphics (SGI) Fuel machine, it lets you use standard PC ATX PSU instead of failure-prone and increasingly expensive SGI PSU's (that are harder and harder to buy).

This new version sports several improvements:

1) Even thicker copper 2) Copper traces are now fully covered by solder mask 3) Components are now at 45 degree angle because it looks cool 4) Several other improvements that make assembly easier for me

The converter consists of 2 pieces: the main (large) and the 12v (smaller, L-shaped). The usage is extremely simple - plug the ATX an 12V cables on the top side, and install the boards in the Fuel.

The only electrical requirement is that the ATX PSU supply minimum 30A on 3.3V and 5V rails, you're most likely to find compatible PSU in the 500-600W range, and remember that modern PSU with high wattage often put most power on the 12V rails (for CPU and GPU) - those will not work.

Also, your replacement ATX PSU needs its socket's plastic shroud located away from the edge of the PSU, many ATX PSU's have plastic collar around the socket with mounting screws - that often protrudes into Fuel's case. Inspect your Fuel carefully and you'll know what it means.

Some notable features are:

2 status LED's - standby (usually yellow, on as long as the power is supplied), and power-on (usually green, lit when the machine is on). force start / kickstart button - press and hold to force the Fuel to start, this is helpful in troubleshooting issues you may have with motherboard

internal fan signal generator - it generates fake PSU fan signal and feeds it into Fuel, allowing you to keep environmental monitoring on.

additional fan signal for use - available on the spare pin, feel free to use it any way you like, if you decide to replace another fan in the machine with one that's outside of RPM range, you can use the signal and feed it into the motherboard to keep the env monitoring on.

Words of caution:

Fuel that had its PSU broken may also have broken other components during the failure, replacing the PSU with ATX + adapter may not solve the exact problem you may have, although it may help you troubleshoot the situation.

The installation manual is available here [http://kubatyszko.com/filez/atxfuel_manual.pdf]

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