Synthesizer development board, powered by an Arduino Pro Mini


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The Synthiboard is a synthesizer platform and development board that can run a number of different Arduino/ATMega328 based synthesizer firmwares.

I created the Synthiboard because there were no kits or PCBs available for some of the Arduino synthesizer projects out there, but I wanted to try them out, ideally all of them. I also wanted to play around with them, try to add new features or tweak their sounds and functions a bit, so a section of the PCB is aimed exactly at that, by providing a veroboard with some of the important pins and other sections of the board broken out right next to it.

Use it to run some of the available synth engines for it, adapt them to your liking, or create your very own synthesizer with this board.

One of the unintended specialities of this version of the Synthiboard is that its potentiometers all go the wrong way. You can fix that in your synth sourcecode, or just celebrate it as a fun little oddity.

Tested Synth engines

Technical details

  • 5 potentiometers
  • 6 buttons
  • Audio Output via PWM and a filter, on Arduino Pin 3, which maps to Atmega328 Timer2
  • Based around the Arduino Pro Mini 5V, 16 Mhz
  • Optional sync out, compatible with the Pocket Operator series of synths
  • Power via DC jack or micro USB jack
  • 10x24 2.54mm veroboard section for customization
  • Space for two additional 3.5mm stereo jacks

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