Splitting USB-PD and USB 2.0 Data into two separate connection

USB-C Splitter AndroidAuto/CarPlay

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Example application:

  • Programmer adapter for PicoPD

  • Android Auto. Allow injection of USB-C PD charging cable while maintain Android Auto connection in modern automotives.

Note: Recommend data path length is equal for less than 6ft (1.8 meter) to maintain signal integrity. Example is 3ft + 3ft cable. Board is rated for 5A current. Beaware of longer cabling will result in higher voltage drop across the setup.

Recommend cable:


  • Combined port: All signal
  • From Power: VBUS, GND, CC1, CC2 (VBUS and GND support 5A)
  • From Data: GND, D+/D-
  • Mounting hole: M2

Case material: PETG - Good up to 70C or 158F for automotive use in mild summer month.

There are also 2x 5.1K termination resistors on CC1/CC2 of the Data port to trigger 5V from the host if required. However, this 5V will not be passed through the Combined port.

List of tested devices:

  • Samsung S23/Ultra
  • Samsung S22/Ultra
  • Samsung S21/Ultra
  • Samsung Galaxy S20+
  • Samsung Galaxy S10
  • Samsung Galaxy S8
  • IPhone 14
  • IPhone X

This adapter will not work with IPhone 15

Note: Due to the design of the USB-C Receptacle. You might have to rotate the Power plug to have a connection. Do not mix 5A cable and 3A cable for PD, this can cause your 3A cable to fail if pulling too much current.

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Links to code and documentation

Schematics (d3s5r33r268y59.cloudfront.net)

Bom (d3s5r33r268y59.cloudfront.net)

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