Learn to solder to via's without breaking anything real!

Via soldering practice board

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Test equipment

Via soldering practice board

Do you have the daunting task of trying to fix some electronics, but the only available places for you to solder are vias?

This is the perfect product for you!

Perhaps you're installing a mod onto your favorite retro gaming console and don't want to use the console as practice, use one of these boards instead.

Please don't use what you're trying to fix as practice! One small mess-up can make whatever you're trying to fix irreparable!


  • 4x 0.2mm via pairs
  • 4x 0.3mm via pairs
  • 4x 0.4mm via pairs

Each pair comes with test pads connected to the via!

Messed up on the front of the board? No worries!! Via's go through the board so you can try again on the rear side of the board!

So... How do I use it?

  1. Scratch away lightly at the vias to expose some copper so you can solder to it.
  2. Solder a piece of wire between the two vias you'd like to connect
  3. Test continuity between the two vias by setting your multimeter to continuity mode and using the test points next to the vias
  4. Marvel at your amazing work
  5. Gain +10 confidence levels
  6. ????

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