ESP32 based module, compatible with WLED, for controlling 6-24V addressable LED including digital microphone

WiFi LED controller (WLED) sound reactiv 6 to 24V

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This is a very small but powerful module for controlling 3 and (4-wire not tested) addressable LED strips such as WS2811, WS2812, SK6812, etc. PCB is only 21*50 mm

ESP32: WiFi and Bluetooth enabled

We use the powerful ESP32 microcontroller with integrated Wi-Fi, dual-mode Bluetooth, and enough processing power to perform real-time digital signal processing.


The module embeds a step-down converter, which allows to power from 6V to 24V LED strips. Need minimum 6Volts but can be adapted with light modification to use 5 volts power input then 5 volts LED strip.


This tiny board include :

  • digital 43434 MEMS microphone,
  • reset button port,
  • one-button port (IO0)
  • a 38kHz IR receiver port,
  • an I2C port,
  • an RS232 TTL port,
  • a 3.3V/5V level converter on the Data line (LED port),
  • one digital output for Valve or relay ( output = input voltage),
  • one binary input line to be pulled to VCC to switch (water level sensor, relay contact or any contact....).

These features ensure maximum functionality, led strip compatibility, all in a very small PCB (50x21x10mm).


You can write your own firmware and create then a limitless possibilities project, but this module is by default fully compatible with WLED and Sound Reactive WLED firmware for Wi-Fi and sound control.

OPENSOURCE you can download Firmware Sound Reactive WLED here or firmware WLED original here:

An embedded server gives full control from your computer or your smartphone

there is also an app for Android, iPhone, iPad and UWP devices for discovering and controlling your WLED devices easily!


  • This main controller board equipped with ESP32E 4MByte programmed with Sound reacting WLED firmware
  • 1* DC jack power connector 10 cm wire
  • 1* 3 pins (standard LED strip) for LED control (VCC, Data, GND) 10 cm wire
  • 1* XH2.54 3pin connector for input signal (to be soldered)
  • 1* XH2.54 3 pin wired with 10cm
  • 1* XH2.54 2 pin for output (relay) to be soldered
  • 1* XH2.54 2 pin wired with 10cm


This board is rated up to 24V DC for power input, please check about your LED strip/panel to use the proper power supply, and note that output for Relay is also input voltage


Please note that this item is provided WITHOUT LED strip or LED panel All those are available in our Shop

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