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Cinwrite DEXA-C097 HAT for parallel epapers

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ESP32-C3 24 pin FPC epaper controller with touch

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Tinypico SPI HAT with RTC for Good Display epaper

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Fasani Corporation designs PCB that help developers have in one single board most of the required features. We use primarily Espressif MCUs and we also like using epaper low consumption bi-stable displays, that keep the image displayed after updating without consuming energy. From time to time we also make HAT adapters for tinypico that is our favourite small ESP32 from Unexpected maker

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All electronic products are tested before being shipped. That means you can see connection marks or testing points without damaging the PCB. We pack them carefully with enough care to avoid any cracks and send them always with tracking and insured, so in case they loose the package we both recover the money to get the products again. Please note that spanish post only pays insurance if it's lost, not if it's broken, hence the carefully packed items is the most important step before shipping.