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a not so happy customer • Mar 05, 2024

Product: CANarchy 22 sold

No working tracking, no contact address

I received a tracking number that is no accepted by international tracking portals. The Austria Post requires registration that would only work for Austrians. I tried to contact the seller Felix Berger a.k.a Zwackelmann, but he provides no electronic contact address for his offer.
Side note: the review process requires that Product rating and Documentation rating are selected. Since I have not received anything (yet), i cannot assume that all is excellent.

Response from Zwackelmann Industries:

The packet was shipped within 3 days and I made a typo when entering the tracking information.
The customer could not see his packagetracking because of my typo and since he could not find a "contact" button he left a 1-star review to get my attention.
Eventually he FOUND the contact button and the issue was resolved in minutes but he could not delete this rating once it was sent.
Zwackelmann Industries - A solid 1-Star rated company for not-so-happy customers all around the globe.