a unique 12 key macropad with hexagonal keys and a machined aluminum case.

0xC.pad - DIY Kit or Fully Assembled

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The chosen switches will be soldered in place.
A custom shape can be laser-etched on the bottom of the case (but the "0xC.pad" and other info cannot be removed)
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This is a fully assembled version of the 0xC.pad macropad kit. The kit is not for sale in this shop but can be found at various other retailers.


  • fully programmable with hotkeys, shortcuts and macros, multiple layers supported
  • 12x Kailh Choc low-profile switches
  • custom injection molded hexagonal keys
  • per-key RGB backlighting and interactive animations
  • integrated ATMega32U2 MCU
  • pre-soldered LEDs, MCU and diodes
  • sturdy USB-C connector with ESD protection
  • electrically shielded case machined from aluminum
  • open-source QMK firmware with Vial support

video of the macropad showing RGB coloring


The package contains:

  • fully assembled and default-configured 0xC.pad macropad
  • small allen key (for disassembly)

To use the macropad you will also need:

  • a USB-C cable


QMK is an extremely configurable keyboard firmware platform that supports many advanced features such as multiple layers, macros, chording, etc. The macropad can be configured using the QMK Configurator or by compiling the firmware manually (for advanced features). For more information, see the configuration and flashing sections of the documentation page.

ordering options

switch types

The switch types change the "feel" of the keys and whether or not they make a sharp clicking sound when pressed.

laser engraving

I can etch a custom text and/or logo in white color on the bottom plate of the case if you want. Please add a note with the text or a link to an SVG file with the design to the order if you choose this option. Please note that any customization has to fit next to the original engraving as seen in this picture.

Links to code and documentation

Documentation (s-ol.nu)

Code (github.com)

Schematics (hw.s-ol.nu)

Product HS Code: 84716060

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