a 48-key isomorphic MIDI key controller

[BETA] 0x33.board isomorphic MIDI keyboard

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The 0x33.board is a 48-key isomorphic MIDI key controller.

It supports USB-MIDI, TRS-MIDI (out only) and I2C. It also has a jack for 1-bit line output. The 48 keys of the main note surface are arranged in four staggered rows of twelve keys each. Each key has independent RGB backlighting that can be used to highlight scales.

All settings can be changed on the device using a small oled display and three dedicated menu/navigation keys. The firmware is open-source and can be extended in CircuitPython.

beta status

The beta hardware boards are firmware-compatible with and identical to future production boards. The only difference is a layout tolerance error that requires a hand-soldered "bodge wire" to be soldered and taped in place on r4 boards. This isn't visible from the outside and does not affect performance in any way.

  • a fully functional, assembled 0x33.board with an r4 PCB
  • a laser-cut MDF or acrylic case
  • the schematic, board, CAD, and firmware sources (all open source and already available)
  • 1:1 support and access to a user community (if there is interest)
  • continued development of the firmware
  • not included as of yet:
    • a USB-C cable (to power and/or connect to a computer)
    • a TRS-MIDI to MIDI cable (to connect to 5-pin DIN MIDI gear)
    • on-board software synth

isomorphic keyboard layouts

An isomorphic musical keyboard arranges notes in a regular grid in such a way that the distance between keys corresponds to the musical interval between them, which means that musical concepts like scales, chords, intervals or even entire melodies become physical shapes that can be transposed by simply moving them around on the keyboard.

There are multiple different isomorphic keyboard layouts that work on a hexagonal grid. The 0x33.board firmware currently supports the Wicki-Hayden, Jankó, Harmonic Table and Gerhard layouts, but others can easily be added to the open-source CircuitPython firmware.


  • super compact MIDI keyboard (two or three octaves, depending on layout)
  • 51 custom designed, hexagonal ABS keys using Kailh Choc low-profile switches
  • individual RGB backlighting highlights musical scales
  • USB-C port, ESD protection
  • laser-cut MDF or acrylic case
  • hackable CircuitPython firmware
  • certified open-source design (hardware and firmware)
  • designed and hand-assembled in Italy

Links to code and documentation

Documentation (s-ol.nu)

Code (git.s-ol.nu)

Design Files (git.s-ol.nu)

Certified Open Source Hardware - OSHW IT000010

Product HS Code: 84716060

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