3 Pack ; Pushfit PCB adapter to use common Tubes for projects

3Pack Tube Socket for Protoboard 9Pin Noval



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9 Pin Vacuum Tube socket adapter Replaces usual harder to find sockets for common tubes. Fits a very big variety of small common American,European and Soviet Era tubes. 2,54mm Pin Spacing. Usable on Breadboard, protoboard and stripboard as well as in full pcb layouts.

While not perfect for standard Breadboards it does fit a much more wide variety of tubes this way. For a lot of cheap Tubes that work on Low voltages it is quite difficult to find good sockets reliably as they are all NOS/ reused. So I made a pcb design that tightly fits the Pins to allow solderless connection, as you should not solder directly to tube pins to avoid heat cracking.

Tube just pushes in, NO Soldering needed. Pins can move and expand under heat to avoid stress on the tubes pins. Easy to Remove and exchange Tubes in circuits and during development. Can be combined with normal sockets to provide probing points for troubleshooting. Fits Standard 2,54mm (0,1") Header pins. Comes in a Pack of 3 pieces

Package contents: 3 PCBS,

Header pins not included. Standard 2,54mm Headers will fit.

Example project that used this product for Prototyping: 3 Stage Tube Distortion Pedal for electric guitar https://youtu.be/Lp4YxZdlQHE The Tube are exchangeable without any tools to allow for sound experimentation. in this project vintage Tubes from USA, West Germany and East Germany are used.

A 7 Pin version is also available!

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