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Which keyboard/macro pad you want built
The type of controller used for the build. (Check what applies to your specific keyboard!)
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Have your keyboard/macro pad kit delivered fully soldered and tested.

Please read this description carefully before ordering!

The order must include all the components needed to build the keyboard, in the correct amounts (RGB LED's etc), along with a description of your desired layout in the comment/note section. (OLED/Encoder placement etc.)

If the ordered layout/configuration does not match the parts ordered, I unfortunately may have to cancel the order and ask you to make a new order. (Or ask you to make an additional order for missing parts).

What is included in the build fee?

The purchase includes soldering and testing of all components such as key sockets/rotaries/OLED displays and controllers to verify that they function properly.

The PCBs are built with additional components purchased in the same order, including OLED screens, encoders and RGB LEDs etc.

If no controllers are purchased with the order (in build fee or added as separate item), you will need to solder these in place yourself, or solder the pins for the sockets. The PCB's will then be tested for functionality before delivery by measuring components and connections with a multimeter.

If controller sockets are purchased with the kit these are installed, otherwise the controller is hard soldered in place. Having the controller hard soldered is NOT recommended for several reasons, including the option to easily replace the controller if damaged etc.

What is NOT included in the build fee?

The purchase does not include any custom firmware or programming of the keyboard/macro pad. The keyboard is delivered flashed with a QMK-VIAL firmware with all basic functions enabled, however as memory is limited, those choices may or may not be the one's you will make. Feel free to edit or change the firmware, or re-flash with basic QMK as you prefer.

This means that OLED screens will NOT display Bongo Cat or similar out of the box, and you will NOT have Tap Dance set up for your shortcuts, that part is left entirely up to you, and is part of owning a programmable keyboard!

If you prefer to change the firmware, it is recommended you have some experience with using QMK beyond the online configurator. I will gladly answer any questions, but as a total novice there is a learning curve once you go beyond using a basic keymap (Ie, OLED animations and RGB patterns etc.)

The build does NOT include any switches or key-caps of any sort, nor do I stock or re-sell any switches or key-caps. The simple reason for this is that it would neither be profitable for me as a seller or you as a customer, since there is a million possible choices and no way for me to stock any relevant portion of it.

The order does not include any mechanical mounting of plates/spacers etc. unless if this is suitable for shipping/transport, final assembly of the keyboard is left up to you. Various switch types fit differently, and possibly filing the plate hole to a snug fit for your type is the best way to have a reliable and functional keyboard.

Advanced controllers

For a build with wireless (nice!nano) or RP2040 based controllers, these are normally NOT stocked in great numbers, and I do NOT offer them for sale as a separate item, these are sold only as an add-on option with a complete build.

I will attempt to have stock on hand of the nice!nano and the Adafruit KB2040, as a compromise to offer a budget conscious but very capable controller as an upgrade from the classic Pro Micro and the wireless option.

The prices for these controllers may seem high compared to listed prices elsewhere, but they simply reflect the price plus shipping and costs getting them to me, with absolutely no profit made!

I will however happily build your keyboard with any one of the controllers following the QMK RP2040 Community Edition, please contact me before ordering for price and stock/delivery time.

This means I will create a hidden store item/link for you to use to add it to your order. This way, I can adjust prices for each occasion based on currency etc, and nobody can buy them out from under you (Yes, apparently even in a small store like this, that's actually an issue!)

Adafruit KB2040 - Budget RP2040

Adafruit KB2040 has the same excellent performance as all RP2040 controllers, and plenty of memory to go around. 8MB is just plain overkill, and more than QMK/Vial can effectively use (at this time).

The main downside is the fact that the boot/reset buttons are only avilable on the controller face, and inaccessible when fully mounted on Lotus 58 Glow. This is only an issue if (when?) you completely and utterly manage to mess up your firmware and absolutely need a hardware reset/boot button, which should be very rare, but please make these socketed!


  • Low(est?) cost RP2040 controller
  • 8 MB of EE_PROM


  • Boot & Reset not available when mounted
  • Slightly higher profile (USB type C and expansion port mounted to face of controller)
  • No VBUS detection (needs compatible firmware)

nice!nano - Wireless options

If purchased with nice!nano controllers or built to suit these, the keyboard is sold/delivered without batteries, as shipping these with a kit is problematic to many countries unless you are a business entity, and even then requires a whole lot of bureaucracy.

Because yes, even these tiny batteries are considered a (potential) issue for shippers unless they come as part of a tested/certified commercial product, which these kits in fact are not and never will be. They are and will remain stricktly a DIY kit for enthusiasts.

A wireless build will NOT be delivered with ANY firmware, as I myself have limited experience with ZMK as of yet, and do not suppy any firmware I'm not myself comfortable with having tested and able to recommend or give instructions on. There are however multiple people having made ZMK firmware for the Lotus, and they are available to use and/or edit.

The kit will be fully tested, including testing with batteries to verify that they are charging, but you are responsible for purchasing a set of batteries elsewhere, and installing these.

As you will likely want the batteries to sit underneath the controller, for a wireless build it is highly recommended to make such a build with a socketed controller to give room for them (and since they are expensive enough you may want to re-use them in the future).

Also note that TRRS sockets are excluded from the build, as these serve no function on a wireless build (included as spares/for modifying to wired on request) And also if they are used incorrectly, they may damage your n!n charging circuit.

Lots of RGB does not equal great battery life! If you like color and lights, please consider a wired build instead! If you still want RGB, go here and calculate your battery size and approximate battery life before ordering.

Note for Little Big Scroll 4

Please note that LSB 4 is a very tiny macropad, with no extra space! There literally is no space inside it for a battery as it is designed, so building it as a wireless will mean either making it significantly taller or having the battey hang outside. Since Lectronz currently doesn't handle conditional options, it is possible to order this as a wireless build with a n!n, even though this is not in any way recommended.

Should you however still want one built this way, knowing the disadvantages, I'll happily build it for you. Just expect me to double & triple check with you first.

Keep in mind that the build takes some time and is done solely upon order!

The build takes place as part of my normal life/hobbies, so giving me advance notice and a chance to plan reduces the chance I have to cancel the order to avoid not being able to fulfill it in time according to Lectronz timeline. Also, absolutely do NOT expect the order to ship directly as you order, I do not have pre-built keyboard in stock, and building them takes some time even in an ideal world.

Links to code and documentation

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Shipping policy

Normal handling time is 3 - 5 working days, not including build items (1 - 2 weeks).

Shipping is mainly insured/signed for parcels, where no such service is available the parcel is sent as untraceable/uninsured parcel (Clearly noted at shipping selection), at the buyers responsibility. To some countries where for inexplicable reasons insured parcels are not traceable (and traceable & insured parcels are very expensive), a insured parcel is always selected over traceable.

All packets are represented to courier services and customs at their true sale value, and all responsibility for import fees, taxes and tariffs lie with the buyer.

All sales are considered final and non-refundable once an order has shipped.

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