It can be used in multiple ways like use it for programming ESP8266, ESP32, or any other microcontroller which needs boot Pin and Reset Pin.

ESP32 Programmer V2



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What is it?

ESP32 Programmer V2 can be used in multiple ways to program ESP8266, ESP32, or any other microcontroller that needs boot Pin and Reset Pin control along with UART RX and TX for flashing the MCU with a new program. Or one can also use it as a USB to UART adapter.

Why did you make it?

We see many designs where developers put the USB to UART (with auto reset and boot) on their custom hardware to easily reprogram the board in the production & field with the same interface.

But, this is not recommended because this poses a risk.

Someone can hack your hardware to do something else with their firmware or break it easily to make you look bad in front of the customer. All these things happen in real life.

So, it would be best if you did not have an easy way to reflash your MCU.

You should have a 6-pin connector(RX, TX, 3.3V, GND, EN, IO0) on the board and buy a programmer board to do the programming in the production. For the field to have a secured OTA or secured physical interface.

What makes it special?

  • Compact size: 50mmx30mm
  • USB-C Type Interface: you can connect a USB in any direction. Use USB-A to USB-C Cable or even use USB-C to USB-C cable.
  • LEDs for Power, RX, TX
  • Switch for Reset and Boot
  • Uses WCH Electronics CH340C USB to UART Bridge
  • Both 3.3V and 5V are available on the O/P connector
  • All signals on a standard 2.54mm Pitch Header (Header will come along with the board (unsoldered))
  • X3 connector option is available where RXD, TXD, RTS, DR, DCD, RI, DSR, and CTS signals are exposed.
  • We test every ESP32 Programmer V2 board before shipping.

Links to code and documentation

Documentation (

Product HS Code: 84733030

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Here are some extras that might be useful for your project!
It has an Onboard CP2102 Chip.

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