Low-profile machined socket for Pro Micro/Nice!nano or compatible

Socket kit for controller

by Tweety's Wild Thinking


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Add Mill-Max soldering pins for controller
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Socketing kit for Pro Micro controllers

This kit of 2 low profile 12-pin sockets is ideal to make your controllers detachable/replaceable.

Kit is intended for a single controller, for a split keyboard you will need two kits!

Avoid the need to de-solder your controller (Pro Micro or equivalent) to replace it in case of a failure (broken USB port/ESD damage), or allow to easily replace it for a nice!nano controller and make your project wireless instead.

  • Ultra-low profile (only 3.1 mm height over PCB)
  • Machined body/pin
  • Accepts both Mill-Max pins and cut off legs from 1N4148 diodes

Manufacturers product number 315-93-164-41-003000

Additional option

Add 25 (24 needed) Mill-Max pins to solder to your controller.

  • Machined pin, much sturdier than diode legs
  • Less likely to bend
  • Easier to insert/remove if aligned properly

Manufacturers product number 3320-0-00-15-00-00-03-0

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