A low price FPGA platform for makers using the Lattice ICE40 Ultra Plus 5K FPGA, programmable with open source toolchains.

UPduino v3.1 low cost Lattice iCE40 FPGA board

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Not everyone has a soldering iron handy. For a small fees, we can solder the 24 pins on both sides or a 6 pin PMOD female header. THis will allow you to plug the board into a breadboard or the PMOD ecosystem.
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v3.1 Update

The 3.1 revision of the UPduino has been updated with the following community driven changes. Thanks to the Discord users who gave this feedback:

  • Fix 12MHz and Ground silkscreen bug
  • Change USB filter ferrite bead to PTC to eliminate issues with burning up the ferrite bead if the 5V is shorted to ground. Please see this blog for details.
  • Changed silkscreen to clearly indicate v 3.1 for the above changes

What is it?

The UPDuino v3.1 is a small, low-cost open source FPGA board. The board features an on-board FTDI FPGA programmer, flash and 3-color LED with all FPGA pins brought out to easy to use 0.1" header pins for fast prototyping.

The tinyVision.ai UPduino v3.1 Board Features:

Lattice UltraPlus ICE40UP5K FPGA with 5.3K LUTs, 1Mb SPRAM, 120Kb DPRAM, 8 Multipliers

FTDI FT232H USB programmer 39 GPIO on 0.1” headers, 5V/3.3V/Ground to supply project DC power (<200mA) Dedicated 12MHz oscillator 4MB qSPI SPI Flash RGB LED PMOD compatible On-board 3.3V and 1.2V Regulators Open source schematic and layout using KiCAD An RGB LED Example Project to get your started on your FPGA journey Improved USB footprint to minimize connectors ripping off the board.

UPduino's are fully tested and programmed with a blinking LED flash image before shipping. Included are two 24 pin 0.1" header (not soldered on to give you flexibility in mounting). Please note that a micro USB cable is not included!

Why did you make it?

The UPduino is a great way to get started to learn about programming FPGA's as it is low cost, self-contained and you can be up and running in a few minutes using an open source toolchain. The previous UPduino had many design issues some of which are documented here. A survey sent to the community resulted in various improvement ideas that formed the basis of the design improvements. Changes/improvements to the v2.1 design are documented here.

What makes it special?

The main draw of the UPduino is its low cost and open-source toolchain, allowing you to experiment and learn about hardware programming.

Links to code and documentation

Documentation (upduino.readthedocs.io)

Code (github.com)

Design Files (github.com)

Schematics (github.com)

Bom (htmlpreview.github.io)

Product HS Code: 85439068

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