CANarchy is an open source CANBUS exploration and exploitation tool


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CANarchy is a versatile CAN-bus experimentation tool. It comes as an easy to build DIY kit and is fully open source. Your userfriendly CANbus hacking tool.


For a research project a bunch of kids needed a tool and I designed this to help them reach their goal. Turns out, this is really handy and people use it for all kinds of things.

  • Did you ever want to get rid of the speedlimit on your E-Bike?
  • Submit you Cars data over the Internet via MQTT in Realtime?
  • Repurpose that old Scooter or Battery you found for cheap at an auction?
  • Make the elevator access a floor that is not available to you via buttons?
  • Log a large number of CANmessages to a microSD Card for further analysis?
  • Reply recorded Logs?
  • Send custom Answers to Queries on the CANbus?
  • Open that lock at the push of a button?
  • Do ANYTHING that CANbus can do?!

Well .. its easy now.


CANarchy features an ESP32-S2 microcontroller running an open source built firmware based on circuitpython. It has support for

  • USB-C
  • OLED Display 64x128 Pixel
  • MicroSD card slot
  • Hall Sensor (to activate something from the outide with a magnet)
  • 12-72V DC Input
  • CANbus Termination via Jumper
  • Easy assembly! Just 6 THT parts
  • USB Mass-Storage
  • Open Source Functionality expansion via Drag-n-Drop
  • WLAN

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MicroSD card and Connector cable are NOT included and are displayed for reference only

Current Hardware Revision: 3.2

Color of PCB might be different, functionality is the same and backwards compatible.

Canarchy is a DIY KIT you need to assemble it yourself.

It includes: The Canarchy PCB with all SMD parts already in place and tested

  • A preflashed ESP32 board
  • A Display
  • 4x8 Pinheaders
  • 1x2 Pinheader + Jumper
  • 2 THT Capacitors
  • 5 Connectors (2+3)

Assembly takes about 15 minutes, instructions are here

A full assembled version is also available, but it is really not hard to do.

How can it be so cheap?

I am noting making any profits here.

I am a strong supporter of OSHW and my work would be impossible without the work of those that came before me and let me learn trough their sharing of ideas and code. Especially the GNU movement was of great importance in my life. I am now giving back as much as I can to the next generation of hackers.

*If you can't afford a CANarchy kit for any reason, Please let me know and we will find a solution to get you started. *

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