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F-16 Solder Kit

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This Fighting Falcon solder kit is based around a standard coin cell and a 5mm LED. Different than most basic solder kits, is that required assembly of the PCB to make the model airplane come to life. It has been designed for use in Flemish schools therefor all the technical specifications about the jet are written in Dutch. Once assembled the F-16 measure around 6 cm long.

Contact us for customized versions. Starting from 25 pieces we can change the PCB color or translate the text to the language of your preference.

This kit is available in black and white.

Kit contents

  • 5mm candle flicker LED
  • SMD CR2032 battery holder
  • PCB

Assembly instructions

  • carefully depanelize the PCB by bending it
  • optionally file or sand the rough edges
  • pay attention to the orientation of the battery holder and the LED
  • bend the LED leads and solder it in place before assembling the plane
  • pay attention to the polarity marks on the plane body and the baseplate
  • solder the mechanical joints on one side first will allow you to make easy corrections when it's not perfectly perpendicular


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Use your planes on USB power instead of batteries

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