LCD replacement for Sharp PC-1245 pocket computer

LCD replacement for Sharp PC-1245

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Note that if you are in Japan, you might be able to get LCDs more quickly from this local seller who also remanufactured these LCDs!

What is it?

This is a pin-for-pin compatible nearly exact replacement for the LCD module in the Sharp PC-1245 pocket computer released in 1983. This LCD will *not * work in any pocket computer other than the Sharp PC-1245.

Why did you make it?

Some PC-1245 pocket computers suffer from LCD degradation to the point where they are no longer useful. Apparently the seal around the LCD was of poor quality, and over the years moisture gets in and ruins the liquid crystal. The result is a display ranging from a few splotches to complete failure. Or, the LCD might just be broken. Here's a picture of a broken LCD from a PC-1246, since I couldn't find a broken PC-1245.

Broken PC-1246 LCD

I decided that it was important to bring all these dead PC-1245 computers back to life by reverse-engineering the LCD and remanufacturing them.

What makes it special?

These LCDs were custom manufactured by Sharp for the PC-1245. Replacement LCDs were never available, and finding a working LCD can involve finding another broken PC-1245 to strip it for its hopefully working LCD.

I tried as much as possible to make the fonts and positions used for the indicators as identical to the original as possible. Here's a picture of a PC-1245 with the replacement LCD, courtesy Rick Swartz, who helped validate that the PC-1245 replacement indeed works.

PC-1245 with replaced LCD

Instructions for replacement

Honestly, the procedure can be a bit finicky, so if you're not willing to try a few times to get it right, this is not the product for you. It can require careful lining up of the LCD pads with the PCB contacts. In addition, it is very easy to break the thin wires going to the piezo speaker. Once you have replaced the LCD, you should be prepared to re-solder the wires to the piezo.

Lining up pads on a PC-1245 LCD

Some Sharp pocket computer enthusiasts in Japan have put together some nice procedure documents to follow. You will want to make use of if you cannot read Japanese.

Remember, even though you replace the LCD, there still might be something wrong with your PC-1245.

Links to code and documentation

Documentation (

Product HS Code: 85241100

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I CANNOT SHIP TO THE UK. Too many packages to the UK have been tracked as ENTERING THE UK, but after that the package disappears. Because of the unusually low rate of successful delivery, I no longer ship to the UK.

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