USB-C mod for PS4 controller

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PS4 controller USB-C

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This custom circuit board has the latest standard USB connector, USB-C. It replaces the original USB-micro circuit board in the PS4 controller.

My kids and I have used my custom circuit boards for over ten months. Thankfully, it does not break the way the original USB-micro connector does.

USB-C connector is orientation less. It fits no matter the direction you plug the cable in.


To fit the bigger USB-C connector in your PS4 controller. First, remove some of the plastic from the controller. Then insert the new circuit board and secure it with the screw.

I prefer needle files for removing plastic. See the entire process in the one-minute video.

Do you want one?

The PS4 controller comes in five versions, each with a different circuit board. I have made boards for all versions.

Unscrew and open your controller to find your version number on the original USB circuit board.

Mounting guide

Mounting guide video

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