A Grid type Ortho keyboard with optional 4x12 and 5x12 layouts in a single PCB - Fits Planck & Preonic cases

Skinny Chameleon - Grid Ortho Keyboard

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Have the PCB delivered already soldered and ready to use. (This includes all accessories added to the same order)
These are the equivalent to the threaded studs on the backside of the original Planck/Preonic PCB.
Have your keyboard delivered ready to use in your size of choice. (Affects which bottom row is soldered)
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Raspberry Pi

Note! The first batch is now tested and working! Unfortunately some of the mounting holes for the Planck layout is in the wrong position!

A new batch is already ordered, and should arrive shortly. Other than that basic fitment has been verified for the Planck and Preonic case! The existing PCB's can still be used in Planck's but I recommend using them for Preonic's only.

The Skinny Chameleon


The Chameleon is a grid type orthogonal keyboard with two optional layouts in one single PCB. Being able to break off the bottom row allows both a 5x12 layout similar to the popular Preonic and a 4x12 layout similar to the equally popular little brother Planck on the same PCB.

While the original Chameleon uses the more common 19.05 mm grid spacing, The Skinny Chameleon uses the same unique 19 mm key spacing as the Preonic & Planck, making this PCB a drop in replacement PCB if you have a failed Planck or Preonic PCB.

Being fully hot-swap and with PCB mounted stabilizers, Chameleon adds support for up to four encoders and a bottom row allowing either a single stabilized 2u key or two 2u keys in the middle, allowing for a layout that suits most users. If used as a 5 row keyboard, the bottom encoders can alternatively be placed at the edges on the second row, but not more than one per corner.

The Chameleon features 8 bottomfacing RGB LEDs for underglow effects or to be used for layer indication or similar.

Please Note! This PCB fits only a Planck/Preonic case! See the original Chameleon for a PCB to use with various aftermarket cases.

Main Features:

  • QMK and VIAL compatible, fully programmable keyboard
  • RP2040 MCU, Dual-core Arm Cortex M0+ processor, flexible clock running up to 133 MHz
  • 264KB of SRAM, and 4MB of on-board Flash memory
    • USB-C connector to host computer, (USB 1.1 device and host support)
    • Low-power sleep and dormant modes
    • Drag-and-drop programming using mass storage over USB
  • Kaihl hot-swap sockets for Cherry MX compatible switches (3 & 5-pin)
  • Cherry Style PCB mounted stabilizers (Bolt-on type preferred) *
  • Two main layouts:
    • 5x12 with 58 to 60 keys
    • 4x12 with 46 to 48 keys (Break off bottom row)
  • Configurable bottom row:
    • Full 1u grid
    • 1x centered, stabilized 2u key
    • 2x centered, stabilized 2u keys

* The Bolt-on stabilizers are preferred as they sit on-top of the optional key sockets, using snap in stabilizers may mean you need to de-solder sockets for fitment.

Optional add-ons:

  • Support for up to 4 rotary encoders (one encoder per corner)
  • Optional RGB underglow (8 pcs SK6812 mini-e)
  • Optional Solder on 2.5 mm tall M2 studs as on the original Planck/Preonic PCB (6 pcs Planck / 5 pcs Preonic).

These options requires additional components not included in this listing and sold separately.


Little or no tools at all needed! The PCB can be delivered fully soldered and ready to use, either as a full matrix, or with your selection of rotary encoders. If ordered fully soldered, the bottom row for the size specified (4x12/5x12) is soldered, and accepts both a full 1u grid and 2u keys without any changes.

Or as a "DIY Kit" with some soldering needed. As a DIY kit the hotswap sockets for the 6 encoder positions (corners) and the 2u keys are left unsoldered, and you can add them as your layout requires to corners not using an encoder, and to the bottom row you choose to use. (A total if 9 sockets included for soldering).

The optional RGB LED's needs to be soldered in place if used. (8 pcs, SK681x mini-E)

The optional mounting studs needs to be soldered for use with an original OLKB case. 6 pcs are included if configured as Planck (Or DIY solder kit) and 5 pcs as Preonic.

The RGB LED's, encoders and studs are all pre-soldered together with the required hotswap sockets at no extra cost if the soldering option is selected and all parts needed are purchased in the same order.

Case & Plate

The design is made to fit any Planck or Preonic case and plate, and act as a drop-in replecment PCB. It does not fit any case not advertised as specific fitment for these PCB's.

Any mounting hardware should accompany the case, and is not supplied with the PCB. This means you will have to save and re-use the hardware with your original case.

The optional solder on studs match the mounting dimensions of the original PCB. This means the PCB can easily be mounted in an original OLKB case. However, the studs do not match the original stud with identical solder dimensions. This leaves a little slop in centering the studs, take care to center the stud in the collar when soldering. Ordering the PCB pre-soldered and adding the studs means it comes with the studs already soldered to the PCB and is ready to use.

Note that some after market cases for Planck and Preonic does not use these studs, and only mount the PCB to the plate, which is why they are made an optional add-on, allowing you to save the cost if using an aftermarket case.

You can remove and re-use the studs from an original PCB if you want too, but beware it takes a fair amount of skill to solder them without damaging the PCB, and you will need to first clean off all excess solder from the stud to fit it to the rather snug hole on the new PCB. This is only recommended for very experienced DIY'ers.

First version & Testing

This PCB is tested for fitment in my personal Planck case (original "massdrop x olkb" case) and it is made to fit measuremnts off of a dead v3 Preonic PCB I own. Basic fitment has been verified with a 3D printed case (Original OLKB design).

Please note that buyers of the first batch should be reasonably DIY capable and willing to be involved on some initial testing as these PCB's are basically a pre-production run!

I unfortunately have no reasonable way to test beyond what I have already done, and its always the end users that somehow find the flaws I have overlooked.

Links to code and documentation

Documentation (github.com)

Code (github.com)

Design Files (github.com)

Schematics (github.com)

Bom (github.com)

Product HS Code: 85340090

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