An easy to build, low cost macro pad with 4 Cherry MX hot swap keys and a clickable encoder wheel

Macropad - Little Big Scroll 4

by Tweety's Wild Thinking


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Additional bottom plate without cut-out pieces.
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Little Big Scroll 4

A simple, low cost and easy to build macro pad featuring 4 keys and a clickable encoder wheel.

The macro pad can be used for hotkeys, shortcuts, or media controls, limited only what you can imagine and manage to program QMK to do.

The macro pad can be built with either 4 keys and a clickable encoder wheel, or by replacing the top two keys with an OLED display, which can be programmed to show pretty much whatever you prefer.

Quick Facts

  • Low Cost, minimal components needed.
  • Easy to build, beginner level soldering.
  • Optional layout 2 keys + OLED or 4 keys.
  • Encoder Wheel w Pushbutton, allowing up to a 40 mm wheel size.
  • Full per-key RGB + encoder wheel glow.
  • Powered by QMK Firmware, flexible and powerful.
  • QMK-VIAL preconfigured firmware allows you to dynamically assign keys.

Comes as an easy to build kit with nearly every component needed to finish it!

Included in Kit

  • 1 pcs Main PCB
  • 1 pcs Plate (4-keys), with cut-away tabs, allowing it to act as bottom plate.
  • 1 pcs Plate (OLED + 2-keys), with cut-away tabs, allowing it to act as bottom plate.
  • 4 pcs Kaihl hot-swap sockets.
  • 1 pcs EC-11 Rotary Encoder w Pushbutton (incl. 2x 100nF capacitors).
  • 4 pcs M2 Brass spacers, 8x M2 Countersunk hex head screws.

Optional components

  • 1 pcs 0.91" OLED Display (incl. 2x 4.7 kOhm resistors).
  • 6 pcs SK6812 mini-E addressable RGB LED's
  • 1 pcs Encoder wheel, Black Aluminium 40mm

NOT Included in kit, needed to complete the build.

  • 1 pcs Pro Micro or equivalent controller.
  • 4 pcs Cherry MX style key switches.
  • Your choice of Keycaps, Encoder Wheel, and USB cable.

Please keep in mind!

If you are using the newer style Pro Micro controllers with USB C connectors, many of these have a PCB that are slightly longer than the 'original style' Pro Micro with Micro USB, and since this design is as minimal and slimmed as possible, these can stick out past the PCB/Plate. This is altogether a cosmetic concern though, and not a functional issue.

Links to code and documentation

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