Mechanical Keyboard Kit - Lotus 58 Glow - PCB v1.23

Lotus 58 Glow - PCB

by Tweety's Wild Thinking


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Diodes, Hot-swap sockets and TRRS port
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This listing is for a single (1 pcs) Lotus 58 Glow - PCB version 1.23

Please note that this makes a single hand/side of the keyboard, a complete keyboard requires 2 sets of PCB's and (additional) components.

Build your own ergonomic keyboard!

Lotus 58 Glow is a fully programmable 58-key split, ortho-columnar keyboard with a 4x6 main matrix and 4+1 thumb-keys per hand. Optional support for one OLED screen per hand/side showing information such as active layer, CapsLock/NumLock etc. as well as one Rotary Encoder per hand, with optional placement.

  • Layout very similar to the original Lily58 family which this is derived from
  • QMK and VIAL compatible, fully programmable keyboard
  • Kaihl Hot-swap sockets for Cherry MX compatible switches (3&5-pin)
  • All components through-hole and easily soldered for beginners
  • Reversible PCB design, the PCB for both hands are identical
  • Hands are connected using serial over TRRS-cable
  • Each hand uses a Pro Micro Arduino clone as the controller (Pro Micro/Elite C and equivalent)
  • Designed with a sandwich-style plate/case as part of the design
  • Basic build instructions are printed on the PCB for an easy build
  • Support for battery cut-off switch for wireless builds (nice!nano or equivalent)

Optional Features

These requires additional components not included in this listing.

  • Optional OLED Screen (one per hand)
  • Optional Rotary Encoder (one per hand)
  • Optional RGB Under-glow (6 SK6812 mini RGB LED's per hand)
  • Optional per-key adressable RGB (29 SK6812 mini-E RGB LED per hand)

Please note that for power requirements, it is NOT recommended to build with both under-glow and per-key RGB at the sane time.

Sandwich Case plates

Top Plate (Three alternate versions)

  • OLED Top Plate - Support for mounting an 0.91" OLED screen
  • Encoder Top Plate - Support for mounting a Rotary encoder
  • Blank Top Plate - Blank plate with no mounting hole

Bottom Plate (Two alternate versions)

  • Standard Bottom Plate - Standard bottom plate for a 'low profile' build.
  • Tent/Tilt Bottom Plate - Bottom plate with mounting ears to support tenting and tilting your keyboard. (Req. additional hardware)

Additional Component Kits

These kits are available as an added option, making the build easy to complete.

  • Diodes (29 + 1 pcs / PCB) ** 1N4148 (Through Hole) ** 1N4148W (SMD)
  • Kailh (Cherry MX) Hot-Swap Sockets (29 pcs / PCB)
  • 3.5 mm 4-pole TRRS Socket (1 pcs / PCB)

Through-hole (TH) type diodes are the most beginner friendly to solder, while surface mount (SMD) type diodes are more aimed for advanced builders that want a sleeker look, or a challenging build. The PCB supports both equally.

Additional Components needed to complete the build

To build a complete working keyboard you will need to add the following of your own choosing:

Available in different listings in this shop

  • ProMicro/Elite C or equivalent controllers (1 pcs / PCB)
  • USB cable (USB micro B or USB C, depending on your choice of controller)
  • TRRS cable connecting the two hands/PCB's (1 pcs)

Not offered for sale in this shop

  • Key Switches, Cherry MX compatible (29 pcs / PCB, 58 pcs total )
  • Key Caps, Cherry MX compatible (Set)

Build Guide

The PCB has most of the needed build instructions printed on the silkscreen, and an experienced builder can likely build the entire keyboard from these.

If you need more detailed instructions, please refer to the GitHub link to Documentation below.

Even when building from the guide, please refer to the markings on the PCB as you build, they will remind you of important steps, like orientation and on what side of the PCB components are placed for each hand.



Using basic QMK for your keyboard is the most bersatile and powerful option, but requires a bit more effort and/or knowledge to make more advanced options work. A basic firmware with three versions (no RGB/Glow/Per-Key) is available for use a template/starting point here.


VIAL, a fork of QMK allowing interactive key-remapping without flashing a new firmware is the more beginner friendly option and a great starting point. A pre-configured ready to flash version is available here. The GitHub repository for the firmware, is available here, and can be customized to your own preference.

Links to code and documentation

Documentation (

Code (

Design Files (

Schematics (

Bom (

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Here are some extras that might be useful for your project!
Add a display
Add an encoder
Add Plate/Case
For RGB Glow (Remember to buy 6 per hand or 12 total!)
Make the controller removable/replaceable (Remember 1 per hand, 2 total!)
For Per-Key RGB (Remember to buy 29 per hand or 58 total!)
Add a battery cut-off switch for a wireless build (2x needed)

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